DC Power Jack For HP Envy SleekBook UltraBook Pro4 4-1000,4T-1000 Series TS Spectre XT 15-4000,15T-4000 Pavilion 15-B, 14-B, Chromebook 14-C

DC Power Jack For HP Envy SleekBook UltraBook Pro4 4-1000,4T-1000 Series TS Spectre XT 15-4000,15T-4000 Pavilion 15-B, 14-B, Chromebook 14-C

Product Code:GDCJK 0163 0327
( DCJK0163-A ) Cable Length 10 CM ₹349
( DCJK0163-B ) Cable Length 17 CM ₹349
  • No Return / No Exchange Policy.
  • Please check model Number and match with your Product.
  • Generic and Proper DC JACK.
  • Super Quality.
  • Every product cross check Before Shipping.
  • DC Power Jack For HP Envy SleekBook UltraBook Pro4 4-1000,4T-1000 Series TS Spectre XT 15-4000,15T-4000 Pavilion 15-B, 14-B, Chromebook 14-C
  • NOTE SEO- HP-Pavilion-15-B-15B-HP-Envy-SleekBook-UltraBook-Pro4-4-10004T-1000
  • A. Cable Length 10 CM
  • B. Cable Length 17 CM

  • HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14-B, 14-C, 14-B100, 14T-B, 14Z-B Chromebook 14-C, 14-C000 Series ( 6-PIN 90W )
  • 691478-FD1, 691478-SD1, 698231-SD1
  • 686123-FD1, 686123-SD1
  • 686124-FD1, 686124-SD1
  • 686124-001, 686577-001
  • 700802-001, 701682-001
  • CBL00327-0040
  • 697921-001, 725619-001 
  • 698230-YD1 698230-SD1
  • 698230-FD1, 698230-TD1
  • HP Envy SleekBook UltraBook Pro 4 4-1000, 4T 4T-1000, 4T-1200 Pro4 TouchSmart Spectre XT 15-4000, 15T-4000 Pavilion Sleekbook 15-B, 15-B000, 15-B100, 14-B, 14-B100 Chromebook 14-C
  • HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14-B, 14-B100, 14T-B, 14Z-B Chromebook 14-C, 14-C000 Series ( 6-PIN 90W )
  • Hp Pavilion 14-B000, 14-B000ED, 14-B000EE, 14-B000EI, 14-B000EJ, 14-B000EO, 14-B000ES, 14-B000ET, 14-B000EX, 14-B000SE, 14-B000SG, 14-B000SS, 14-B000SX, 14-B001AU, 14-B001EA, 14-B001EIA, 14-B001EK, 14-B001SA, 14-B001SIA, 14-B001SK, 14-B001TU, 14-B001TX, 14-B001XX, 14-B002AU, 14-B002EA, 14-B002EK, 14-B002EO, 14-B002SA, 14-B002SK, 14-B002SX, 14-B002TU, 14-B002TX, 14-B003AU, 14-B003EA, 14-B003SA, 14-B003TU, 14-B003TX, 14-B004AU, 14-B004TU, 14-B004TX, 14-B005AU, 14-B005EA, 14-B005ED, 14-B005SA, 14-B005TU, 14-B005TX, 14-B006AU, 14-B006EA, 14-B006SA, 14-B006TU, 14-B006TX, 14-B007AU, 14-B007SA, 14-B007TU, 14-B007TX, 14-B008AU, 14-B008EA, 14-B008SA, 14-B008TU, 14-B008TX, 14-B009AU, 14-B009TU, 14-B009TX, 14-B010AU, 14-B010EJ, 14-B010TU, 14-B010TX, 14-B010US, 14-B011AU, 14-B011TU, 14-B011TX, 14-B012AU, 14-B012TU, 14-B012TX, 14-B013AU, 14-B013CL, 14-B013NR, 14-B013TU, 14-B013TX, 14-B014AU, 14-B014TU, 14-B014TX, 14-B015AU, 14-B015DX, 14-B015TU, 14-B015TX, 14-B016AU, 14-B016TU, 14-B016TX, 14-B017AU, 14-B017CL, 14-B017NR, 14-B017TU, 14-B017TX, 14-B018AU, 14-B018TU, 14-B018TX, 14-B019AU, 14-B019TU, 14-B019TX, 14-B019US, 14-B020AU, 14-B020ES, 14-B020TU, 14-B020TX, 14-B021AU, 14-B021SS, 14-B021TU, 14-B021TX, 14-B022AU, 14-B022TX, 14-B023AU, 14-B023TU, 14-B023TX, 14-B024AU, 14-B024TU, 14-B024TX, 14-B025AU, 14-B025TU, 14-B025TX, 14-B026AU, 14-B026TU, 14-B026TX, 14-B027AU, 14-B027TU, 14-B027TX, 14-B028AU, 14-B028TU, 14-B028TX, 14-B029AU, 14-B029TU, 14-B029TX, 14-B030AU, 14-B030ET, 14-B030ST, 14-B030TU, 14-B030TX, 14-B031AU, 14-B031TU, 14-B031TX, 14-B031US, 14-B032TU, 14-B032TX, 14-B032WM, 14-B033CA, 14-B033TU, 14-B033TX, 14-B034TU, 14-B034TX, 14-B035TU, 14-B035TX, 14-B036TU, 14-B036TX, 14-B037TU, 14-B038TU, 14-B039TU, 14-B040TU, 14-B041TU, 14-B042TU, 14-B043TU, 14-B044TU, 14-B045TU, 14-B046TU, 14-B047TU, 14-B048TU, 14-B049TU, 14-B050LA, 14-B050TU, 14-B050XX, 14-B051TU, 14-B052TU, 14-B053TU, 14-B054TU, 14-B055TU, 14-B056TU, 14-B057TU, 14-B058TU, 14-B059TU, 14-B060BR, 14-B060LA, 14-B060TU, 14-B060TX, 14-B061LA, 14-B061TU, 14-B062LA, 14-B062TU, 14-B063LA, 14-B063TU, 14-B064LA, 14-B064TX, 14-B065BR, 14-B065TX, 14-B066TX, 14-B067TX, 14-B068TX, 14-B069TX, 14-B070ED, 14-B070TX, 14-B071TX, 14-B072TX, 14-B073TX, 14-B074TX, 14-B080BR, 14-B083EG, 14-B085BR, 14-B090BR, 14-B090SD
  • 14-B100, 14-B100EJ, 14-B100EK, 14-B100EO, 14-B100SP, 14-B101AU, 14-B101EIA, 14-B101ET, 14-B101SA, 14-B101SIA, 14-B101TX, 14-B102AU, 14-B102ED, 14-B102TX, 14-B102XX, 14-B103AU, 14-B103EA, 14-B103SA, 14-B103TX, 14-B104AU, 14-B104TX, 14-B105AU, 14-B105EIA, 14-B105TU, 14-B106AU, 14-B106ED, 14-B106TU, 14-B107AU, 14-B107SA, 14-B107SF, 14-B107TU, 14-B108AU, 14-B108ED, 14-B108SA, 14-B108SX, 14-B108TX, 14-B109AU, 14-B109EX, 14-B109SA, 14-B109SX, 14-B109TX, 14-B109WM, 14-B110AU, 14-B110EE, 14-B110EJ, 14-B110SA, 14-B110SO, 14-B110TX, 14-B110US, 14-B111AU, 14-B111EE, 14-B111EO, 14-B111SE, 14-B111TU, 14-B111TX, 14-B112AU, 14-B112EO, 14-B112SS, 14-B112TX, 14-B113AU, 14-B113EO, 14-B114AU, 14-B114EE, 14-B114EO, 14-B114SE, 14-B114SS, 14-B114TX, 14-B115AU, 14-B115EJ, 14-B115ST, 14-B115TX, 14-B116AU, 14-B116ES, 14-B116TU, 14-B117AU, 14-B117EJ, 14-B117ES, 14-B117TU, 14-B118AU, 14-B118EO, 14-B118TU, 14-B119AU, 14-B119TU, 14-B120AU, 14-B120DX, 14-B120SA, 14-B120TU, 14-B121AU, 14-B121SA, 14-B121TU, 14-B121TX, 14-B122AU, 14-B122TX, 14-B123AU, 14-B123TU, 14-B124TU, 14-B124US, 14-B125EJ, 14-B125TX, 14-B126TX, 14-B127TU, 14-B128TU, 14-B129TU, 14-B130EA, 14-B130EJ, 14-B130SA, 14-B130TU, 14-B130US, 14-B131EJ, 14-B131TU, 14-B132TX, 14-B133TX, 14-B134TX, 14-B135TX, 14-B136TU, 14-B137CA, 14-B137TX, 14-B138TX, 14-B139TU, 14-B140EF, 14-B140TX, 14-B141SA, 14-B141TU, 14-B142SF, 14-B142TU, 14-B143TX, 14-B144SF, 14-B144TU, 14-B145TX, 14-B146TU, 14-B148SF, 14-B149TX, 14-B150EF, 14-B150EJ, 14-B150SE, 14-B150TU, 14-B150US, 14-B151TU, 14-B152EF, 14-B152TX, 14-B153TX, 14-B153XX, 14-B154LA, 14-B154TX, 14-B155LA, 14-B155SF, 14-B155TX, 14-B156LA, 14-B156SF, 14-B156TX, 14-B157EF, 14-B157NR, 14-B157SF, 14-B157TU, 14-B158EF, 14-B158LA, 14-B158SF, 14-B158TU, 14-B159EF, 14-B159LA, 14-B159SF, 14-B159TU, 14-B160EF, 14-B160TX, 14-B161TX, 14-B162LA, 14-B162TX, 14-B163TX, 14-B164LA, 14-B164TU, 14-B165LA, 14-B165TX, 14-B166TX, 14-B167TX, 14-B168TX, 14-B169TX, 14-B170TU, 14-B170TX, 14-B170US, 14-B171TU, 14-B172ED, 14-B172TX, 14-B173CL, 14-B173TU, 14-B174TU, 14-B175LA, 14-B175TU, 14-B176TU, 14-B177TX, 14-B178SA, 14-B178TU, 14-B179NR, 14-B179TU, 14-B180LA, 14-B180TU, 14-B181TU, 14-B182TX, 14-B183EG, 14-B184TU, 14-B184TX, 14-B185TU, 14-B190LA, 14-B192LA, 14-B198SS
  • 14-C000, 14-C000ED, 14-C001EA, 14-C001EF, 14-C001EO, 14-C001SA, 14-C001SF, 14-C001TU, 14-C002EA, 14-C002SA, 14-C002TU, 14-C003TU, 14-C004TU, 14-C005TU, 14-C010US, 14-C011NR, 14-C015DX, 14-C020US, 14-C025US, 14-C030US, 14-C035US, 14-C050NR, 14-C053CL, 14-C070SG, 14T-B100, 14Z-B000, 14Z-B100
  • HP Spectre XT TouchSmart Ultrabook 15 15T 15-4010NR 15-4011NR 15-4013CL 15-4095CA, 15-4010NR 15-4011NR 15-4013CL 15-4095CA 15T-4000 15T-4000EA 15T-4000NR
  • Hp Envy 4-1000, 4-1001TU, 4-1001TX, 4-1002TU, 4-1002TX, 4-1003TU, 4-1003TX, 4-1004TU, 4-1004TX, 4-1005TU, 4-1005TX, 4-1005XX, 4-1006TX, 4-1007TU, 4-1007TX, 4-1008TU, 4-1008TX, 4-1009TU, 4-1009TX, 4-1010TU, 4-1010TX, 4-1010US, 4-1011TU, 4-1011TX, 4-1012TU, 4-1012TX, 4-1013TU, 4-1013TX, 4-1014TU, 4-1014TX, 4-1015DX, 4-1015TU, 4-1015TX, 4-1016NR, 4-1016TU, 4-1016TX, 4-1017NR, 4-1017TU, 4-1017TX, 4-1018TU, 4-1018TX, 4-1019TU, 4-1019TX, 4-1019WM, 4-1020TU, 4-1020TX, 4-1021TU, 4-1021TX, 4-1022TU, 4-1022TX, 4-1023TU, 4-1023TX, 4-1024TU, 4-1024TX, 4-1025TU, 4-1025TX, 4-1026TU, 4-1026TX, 4-1027TX, 4-1028TU, 4-1028TX, 4-1029TU, 4-1029TX, 4-1030CA, 4-1030TU, 4-1030TX, 4-1030US, 4-1031TU, 4-1031TX, 4-1032TU, 4-1032TX, 4-1033TU, 4-1033TX, 4-1034TU, 4-1034TX, 4-1035TU, 4-1035TX, 4-1036TU, 4-1036TX, 4-1037TU, 4-1037TX, 4-1038NR, 4-1038TU, 4-1038TX, 4-1039TU, 4-1039TX, 4-1040LA, 4-1040TU, 4-1040TX, 4-1041TU, 4-1041TX, 4-1042TU, 4-1042TX, 4-1043CL, 4-1043TU, 4-1044TU, 4-1045TU, 4-1046TU, 4-1047TU, 4-1047TX, 4-1048TU, 4-1048TX, 4-1049TU, 4-1049TX, 4-1050BR, 4-1050CA, 4-1050TU, 4-1050TX, 4-1051TU, 4-1051TX, 4-1052TU, 4-1052TX, 4-1053TU, 4-1053TX, 4-1054TU, 4-1054TX, 4-1055TU, 4-1055TX, 4-1056TX, 4-1057TX, 4-1058TX, 4-1059TX, 4-1060TX, 4-1061TX, 4-1062TX, 4-1063TX, 4-1064TX, 4-1065TX, 4-1066TX
  •  Hp Envy 4-1100, 4-1101TU, 4-1102TU, 4-1102TX, 4-1102XX, 4-1103TU, 4-1103TX, 4-1104TU, 4-1104TX, 4-1105DX, 4-1105TU, 4-1105TX, 4-1106TU, 4-1106TX, 4-1107TU, 4-1107TX, 4-1108TU, 4-1108TX, 4-1109TU, 4-1109TX, 4-1110TU, 4-1110TX, 4-1110US, 4-1111TU, 4-1111TX, 4-1112TU, 4-1112TX, 4-1113TU, 4-1113TX, 4-1114TU, 4-1114TX, 4-1115DX, 4-1115TU, 4-1115TX, 4-1116TU, 4-1116TX, 4-1117NR, 4-1117TU, 4-1117TX, 4-1118TU, 4-1118TX, 4-1119TU, 4-1120TU, 4-1121TU, 4-1122TU, 4-1123TU, 4-1124TU, 4-1125TU, 4-1126TU, 4-1127TU, 4-1128TX, 4-1129TU, 4-1130BR, 4-1130LA, 4-1130US, 4-1150BR, 4-1150LA, 4-1152LA, 4-1155LA, 4-1195CA
  • 4-1200, 4-1201TX, 4-1202TX, 4-1203TX, 4-1204TU, 4-1204TX, 4-1206TU, 4-1207TU, 4-1208TU, 4-1209TX, 4-1210TU, 4-1211TX, 4-1212TU, 4-1214TX, 4-1215DX, 4-1215TX, 4-1216TU, 4-1217TU, 4-1218TU, 4-1219TU, 4-1220TX, 4-1221TX, 4-1222TU, 4-1223TU, 4-1224TX, 4-1225TU, 4-1226TX, 4-1227TU, 4-1227TX, 4-1228TX, 4-1229TX, 4-1230TU, 4-1231TU, 4-1232TU, 4-1236TU, 4-1236TX, 4-1237TX, 4-1238TX, 4-1239TU, 4-1240TX, 4-1241TU, 4-1242TU, 4-1243TU, 4-1245TU, 4-1246TX, 4-1247TU, 4-1252LA, 4T-1000, 4T-1100, 4T-1200
  • HP Envy 4- 4-1170EZ 4-1170SF 4-1180SF 4-1181EG 4-1200EB 4-1200ED 4-1200EL 4-1200EO 4-1200EZ 4-1201EA 4-1201TX 4-1202EA 4-1202ED 4-1202EO 4-1202EX 4-1202SS 4-1202TX 4-1203EA 4-1203SA 4-1203TX 4-1204EA 4-1204SA 4-1204SS 4-1204TX 4-1205SS 4-1206TU 4-1207TU 4-1208TU 4-1210SG 4-1210SW 4-1210TU 4-1212TU 4-1214TU 4-1215TX 4-1216TU 4-1217TU 4-1218TU 4-1220TX 4-1222TU 4-1223TU 4-1224TX 4-1225TU 4-1226TX 4-1227TU 4-1227TX 4-1228TX 4-1229TX 4-1230EB 4-1230TU 4-1231TU 4-1235EA 4-1236SA 4-1236SA 4-1236TU 4-1236TX 4-1237TX 4-1238TX 4-1239TU 4-1240TX 4-1241TU 4-1243TU 4-1245TU 4-1247TU 4-1250EZ 4-1250SF 4-1252LA 4-1255ER 4-1256ER 4-1257ER 4-1257SR 4-1260EF 4-1260ER 4-1260SF 4-1262SF 4-1267SZ 4-1270ER 4-1270EZ 4-1271ER 4-1272ER 4-1273ER 4-1279SF 4-1280EF 4-1281EF 4-1282SF 4-1283EG 4-1289SL 4-1290ET 4-1290ST

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